About us

''ArmBasfiber'' LLC is located in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The company possesses modern equipment and advanced technologies to produce continuous basalt fiber.  

Armenia possesses inexhaustible reserves of basalt rocks. Huge reserves of Armenian basalt rocks are of special interest, the chemical composition of which provides continuous basalt fiber (CBF) of the highest quality. The availability of affordable and high-quality raw materials contributes to produce basalt fiber with a low-cost price, and with the features that provide the highest quality products made of it. Moreover, the CBF has a number of characteristics due to which it favorably differs from fiberglass, particularly by a cost price, durability, chemical resistance, and application temperature.   

''ArmBasfiber'' LLC manufactures basalt roving to produce basalt rebar and reinforcing mesh, which surpasses metallic rebar and fiberglass rebar due to its technical characteristics.  The company also manufactures basalt fiber (chopped strands).    

The global demand for basalt fiber and the products made of it is increasing, and the spheres of application are being expanded from year to year. Basalt fiber is widely and successfully applied in manufacturing of a wide range of products, with higher technical characteristics and environmental friendliness.     

Nowadays, there is a demand in the market for the production of basalt tubes.  Throughout the development of basic technologies, it is possible to inculcate the manufacture of a wide range of products, made of basalt, basalt canvas and the application of the CBF in the automotive industry, aircraft industry, shipbuilding industry, as well as in the manufacture of bulletproof vests and other products.