Welcome to ArmBasfiber

''ArmBasfiber'' LLC has been engaged in the production of high-quality continuous basalt fiber and products such as basalt rebar, mesh and other products made of it, as well as future recycling of basalt fiber.


Continuous basalt fiber is produced by melting basalt rocks at 1400-1550 ºC.

There is a great demand in the world for continuous basalt fiber, due to such features as:

- According to many indicators, basalt fiber has the characteristics which exceed the features of glass fiber;  

- Raw materials for the production of basalt fiber are almost unlimited.

Continuous basalt fiber is the basis for the production of various materials made of continuous basalt fiber. Compared with other composite materials, basalt fiber is more ecologically friendly.

Rebars made of continuous basalt fiber, have high durability and are resistant to aggressive environments. They have thermal and electrical insulation features, high chemical resistance to acids and alkalis, as well as to seawater. Products, made of continuous basalt fiber, are corrosion-resistant.

''ArmBasfiber'' LLC offers high quality basalt products, such as basalt fiber, rebars and mesh without chemicals and hazardous substances.